The Peterborough Gift Shop Launches 2020

Welcome to the Peterborough Shop where you will find a range of affordable gifts, souvenirs, cards, art and crafts created for and by people who live or work in the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (United Kingdom).

At the Peterborough Shop you will have the opportunity to buy a range of gifts, souvenirs and memorabilia from the comfort of your own home or workplace and posted to anywhere in the UK you wish to send it to.

The Peterborough-themed memorabilia range is offered in traditional and modern designs for you to choose from. You will also find a range of cards and prints of iconic places in and around the City of Peterborough and we also have a selection of publications and cards from Peterborough’s very own Street Photographer, Chris Porsz who has captured everyday scenes of people, places and even animals in an interesting and quirky way.

There is also a range of landscapes in watercolour created by internationally renowned artist and traveller, Martyn Hanks, who has travelled the 6 continents of the world, but has a special affinity to Peterborough within his collection.

The Peterborough Shop wouldn’t be here without the hard work and support of Artinfusion, a Peterborough-based design company whose team work with a number of Peterborough-based community groups together with a range of local, national and international businesses.

About Peterborough

Peterborough is a cathedral city in Cambridgeshire, England located 76 miles (122km) north of London on the River Nene which flows into the North Sea 30 miles (48km) to the north-east.

The railway station is on the East Coast Main line between London and Edinburgh and the railway industry played a key role in the growth of the city since the 19th century (1845). 

Individuals in the area before the Bronze Age and there is also evidence of Roman Occupation.  The Anglo-Saxon period saw the origins of a monastery, Medeshamstede, which later became Peterborough Cathedral, an iconic building set in the heart of the city. The landscape is flat, and in some places, lies below sea level..

In the 1960s, the city experienced significant growth in the population when it was designated as a New Town, and is particularly known for its brick manufacture and engineering industries.

The city landscape blends a mix of old and new architecture and buildings and the population is an eclectic mix of different cultures.

About Martyn Hanks

Martyn Hanks is a true worldwide artist.

Using watercolours he has created an incredible collection of paintings
around the world during his travels to over 150 different countries.

Martyn first started travelling in the early 1960s and just painted to pass away a spare hour.

Although he has always enjoyed painting, as the years have gone by it has become his main reason for travelling, giving a real purpose to a trip. Most of his paintings are created on the spot and his desire to capture something of the country he visits sometimes requires him to work under quite difficult and challenging conditions.

Martyn has recently created a wonderful collection of Peterborough images, which are available here.


About Chris Porsz

Street-photographer, Chris Porsz, was born and bred in Peterborough.  A self-confessed uni drop-out Chris took a temporary job as a hospital porter in 1974, and 13 years later before progressing to become a paramedic.  Over the years, he could often be seen around the streets of Peterborough with his camera in his hand capturing photographs of everyday people, doing everyday things with his “quirky” photographer’s eye in around the city.

His photographs have often been published in local and national publications often under his pseudonym “the Paramedic Paparazzi” photograph.

Chris has published a number of successful publications capturing the social and cultural history over the years.  His most successful book to date is “Reunions”, a book recreating images he had taken back in the 1970s, 80s and 90s again in the 2000s.

About Artinfusion

Artinfusion is a graphic design and marketing agency based in Thorney on the outskirts of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire offering its own portfolio of Peterborough-based art and memorabilia.

The agency was established by Chris Lane, who trained at Cambridge Art College and gained a BA (Hons) at the Central College of Art and Design in London. During his career, Chris has worked for a range of London agencies  before becoming Studio Manager at the Thomas Cook Group based in Peterborough.

Artinfusion currently works with a broad portfolio of local, national and international clients, including Peterborough City Council’s Tourist Information Centre, Martyn Hanks, Chris Porsz Publications and Insurewise Ltd, insurance brokers.


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