Send a card and brighten up someone's day

Sending a card to that special person shows them you're thinking about them and will put a smile on their face. 

Whether it's a card for a birthday, anniversary or special event in their life or  simply a card to show them you're thinking of them and that you care; receiving a card is sure to put a smile on someone's face and brighten up their day. 

Sometimes, it takes time to find just the right card for the occasion and at the moment it can be difficult to browse and spend time choosing a card in high street shops.  And then, of course, you need to buy the stamp and find a postbox to make sure it's on its way.

That is where our team at the Peterborough Gift Shop can help. You will find a range of cards created by individuals who live or work in the city of Peterborough (UK) that are suitable for people of all ages to celebrate different occasions and, better still, the card can be sent directly to their door.  

What better way to show someone special you’re thinking of them, even if you can’t get to deliver it yourself on the day.

Choose a card to put a smile on their face

Our “Barking” range of cards is ideal for dog-lovers and individuals who enjoy receiving something fun, different and quirky.

This range of cards features dogs captured through the camera lens of Peterborough  street-photographer, Chris Porsz.   Chris has an great eye for capturing quirky and unusual images of everyday scenes to put a smile of people’s faces.

You will also find the a wide selection of Chris’s dog-themed images in his book, “Barking”, which would make an ideal gift and complements his range of cards.

Click here to take a look at Chris’s full range of cards and publications.

Views of Peterborough and the surrounding area

You will also find a range of cards of iconic buildings and locations in Peterborough and the surrounding area by international watercolour artist, Martyn Hanks.  Places often hold cherished memories for people and Martyn's selection of cards capture the buildings and landscape as well as the memories many of us share.

You can find a selection of Martyn Hanks' cards and prints here.

Not only will you be buying a card created by local artisans, you will also be supporting the local community too.