Mother's Day or Mothering Sunday 27th March 2022

Begun during the 16th century the UK and Ireland celebrate Mother's Day on the 4th Sunday in Lent, exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. You might think it   came about out of our love and devotion to mothers everywhere, but it was actually born out of religion. From about the age of 10 children were put into domestic service or became apprentices and they would be allowed the day off work to attend a service at their 'mother' church or cathedral. Understandably, over time, the day became used to spend time with their mothers and other family members. A handful of countries choose International Women's Day to celebrate Mother's Day, whilst the vast majority of countries around the world follow the US and celebrate on the 2nd Sunday of May.

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In America in 1907, Anna Jarvis brought about Mother's Day to celebrate her own mother's achievements. Ann Jarvis was a peace activist, who treated wounded soldiers in the American Civil War. Three years later it became a national holiday as President Woodrow Wilson declared it "as a public expression of love and reverence for the mothers of our country". Hallmark were quick to manufacture cards for the event and so the merchandising machine began in earnest. This deeply disturbed Ann, who was criticised and even arrested for protesting against those selling Mother's Day merchandise.

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And so, these days we celebrate Mother's Day the 'American way' with cards, gifts, cake and flowers. We honour our mothers the world over, and show our love and appreciation in all manor of ways. One of the simplest and best ways to show mums how truly valued they are is for children to make mum breakfast in bed, on a tray with some pretty hand picked flowers from the garden.

Below are more items from the PGS artists which would make wonderful gifts for Mother's Day, we hope you like them.

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