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  • 💕 Love is in the Air for Valentine's Day on February 14th 💕

    Red Millefiore Mosaic Heart by Mahemuda (Muni) Arsalani £32

    Go on, 'make their day'. Be it something small and meaningful or you want to 'Go Large,' you know your loved one best and how make this Valentine Day extra special for them. Whilst the origins of Valentine's Day can be traced back to Roman times, it was during the 14th and 15th centuries, during courtships, that couples would express their love by sending flowers, confectionery and greeting cards, and that's all it needs to be today, to let someone know how much you care. Take a look at a few of our most popular Valentine Cards below which retail at £3:50:


    Artinfusion 'You're a Great Catch' Cupids Valentine Card

    Artinfusion 'You Can Bump Into Me Anytime' Cupids Valentine Card


    Artinfusion "Love & Best Wishes to my Jam Tart" (SWEETHEART) Cockney rhyming Valentine Card

    So, we've established that you only need to spend a few pounds to spread the love and bring a smile to your Valentine's face, but what if you want to splash out and you don't where to start? If you do need some help then we have a few gift ideas, for men and women, to get you started and they suit all pockets.


    Bentley A4 print by Pauline Wheatley £12:50


    JB Designs 'Valentine' Concrete Pot with a red interior £27



    Lilac fusion glass pendant by Pauline Wheatley £12:50



    Red Millefiore Mosaic Heart by Mahemuda (Muni) Arsalani £32


    This one's just a tad left field but illustrates exactly how a little can mean a lot!

    ‘Love Peterborough’ Contrast Handle Tote Bag (fuschia) £10.99



    Pink Tourmaline set in Gold on Silver Band Ring by Kerry Richardson £280

  • Join the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch 2022

    Why not spend an hour this weekend (28th - 30th January) with family and friends to join in the RSPB's yearly event? Wherever you find yourselves, be it in the garden, the park, having a coffee or from your window, as long as you can see the birds land you can take part and count them.

    Many species have become endangered, and birds are particularly vulnerable at this time of year.  The RSPB wants our support to do all we can to look after our wildlife by providing habitat and food for them, and counting how many of each species is also vital in making a difference. Anyone can join in, you don't have to be an expert, and it's a great way to encourage children to notice nature and their surroundings. All you have to do to get started is go online here and tell them what you saw.                                                        

    There may also be the opportunity to join in the count locally, so if you want to be one of a million or so participants but don't want to go it alone check your local paper/FB etc to see if there's an event happening near you. In Peterborough the Olive Branch and Nene Washes Nature Reserve are both holding events which everyone can join.

    Happy counting 🦅 


  • A New Year and New Artists for 2022

    'A Bright New Day' - Watercolour by Jean Edwards £145

    A belated "Happy New Year" to you all. I hope you are all well and were able to relax over the Christmas and New Year break, and you now feel inspired to make plans for the year ahead, and are sufficiently rejuvenated to meet any challenges that come your way in 2022!

    Joining the PGS online shop for 2022 are three terrific new local artists. We are delighted to welcome JB Designs with their totally awesome handmade Concrete Pots, Jean Edwards, a fabulous watercolour artist who likes to paint nature in her local vicinity, and also Susan Broccoli from 'We Love Peterborough' who creates amazing products and gifts such as colourful prints and notebooks of our iconic Peterborough buildings and Tote bags with a large decorative heart design.  


    Caves by JB Designs £109


    'Autumn Sunlight' - Watercolour by Jean Edwards £145


    Contrast Handle Tote Bag: 'Love Peterborough' (fuchsia) £10.99


    These are just a few samples of their work so please head over to their collection pages to see the artists' full range of products. Also, we very much appreciate any feedback about our online shop and products so please do let us know what you think, thank you.

  • A successful Christmas Fayre at the Peterborough Museum 2021

    Hello to everyone that has been involved with the fabulous Christmas Fayre held at the Peterborough Museum this weekend (27/28 Nov). I think we're all agreed that it was well supported with a brilliant turn out by all the lovely Peterborough folk despite the fiercely cold weather! Brrr. Huge thanks go to all the stall-holders for all their efforts and hard work in making it a real Christmassy event 🌲 


    We want to send a special 'thank you' to Kerry Green who kindly invited the Peterborough Gift Shop to attend and thank her for going the extra mile to support all our talented local artists.  We are delighted the event was a roaring success for her and hope other events may now be held during 2022.



    To everyone involved in marketing the Christmas Fayre, including the simple act of sharing posts on Facebook, we are grateful, as this helped raise awareness and encouraged people to come along. Thank you.


    We also want to thank our PGS members for sticking with us in these extraordinarily difficult times. Purse strings have been tight for many, and there is always more that we can do. We look forward to welcoming several new members shortly and we will of course endeavour to be bigger and better in 2022!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all, from all of us at the X

  • Meet the artists at the Christmas Fayre at Peterborough Museum 27th & 28th November 2021

    It's convenient to buy things online from the but it's nicer to meet some of the artists face-to-face and see their amazi...
  • 'Trick-or-Treat' at Halloween - Where did it all begin?

    You may wonder, just how did we arrive at this highly commercialised affair we know today as Halloween? Is it American or is it British? Well, pull up a chair close by the fire and let me tell you how it all began.

  • So Many Autumnal Birthdays!

    Phew the kids are back at school - Yay!! I hope you've all had a glorious summer with your little darlings, friends and family you'd almost forgotten you had and made the most of those gorgeous sun-drenched days! 

    You may think you've got time to catch a breath before going full steam ahead with your Christmas preparations, and yes I know it's early but already Christmas displays have hit the shops, as they will us all to buy their wares and endeavour to make up on lost sales of recent months, and who can blame 'em?  

    But, wait a minute, it's September, and don't you know a lot of people who have their birthdays in September?

    Of course you do, it's a fact, there are a huge number of birthdays at this time of year. Over the last 20 years September 26th has proven to be the most popular Birthday in England and Wales, with the highest number of birthdays occurring at the end of September/early October (September 17th - October 4th to be precise).

    Whilst Virgo and Libra cover September birthdays, the most common horoscope sign is actually Scorpio for those born between October 24th and November 23rd. But don't panic, maybe we can help with with our stunning range of Gothic Zodiac Birthday cards? 

    So why are there so many Birthdays at this time of year? Count back 9 months and clearly the Christmas spirit has a lot to answer for, think of the song - "baby, it's cold outside, maybe a half a drink more!" Not only do people have more time on their hands they are more likely to be feeling frisky over the holiday period. Plus, as the temperature drops the chances of women becoming pregnant increases. It may also be true that couples are planning to have their child at the start of the school year in order to give them more time at home before starting school and therefore the best possible chance to do well.

    There have been a couple of notable instances however, in 2015 and 2013, when summer births have risen, which means an increase in conception at Halloween - spooky!! 

  • Exploring Peterborough

    As the weather improves and we all begin to feel better and brighter with lockdown easing it's time to get out and about (safely) in the Peterborough area.

    We have a handy Peterborough Cycle Map showing the Green Wheel, and various walking booklets for those of you who prefer to roam on foot.

    Either way, heading off into the great outdoors is likely to lift your spirits as well as burning off a few calories!

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