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  • So Many Autumnal Birthdays!

    Phew the kids are back at school - Yay!! I hope you've all had a glorious summer with your little darlings, friends and family you'd almost forgotten you had and made the most of those gorgeous sun-drenched days! 

    You may think you've got time to catch a breath before going full steam ahead with your Christmas preparations, and yes I know it's early but already Christmas displays have hit the shops, as they will us all to buy their wares and endeavour to make up on lost sales of recent months, and who can blame 'em?  

    But, wait a minute, it's September, and don't you know a lot of people who have their birthdays in September?

    Of course you do, it's a fact, there are a huge number of birthdays at this time of year. Over the last 20 years September 26th has proven to be the most popular Birthday in England and Wales, with the highest number of birthdays occurring at the end of September/early October (September 17th - October 4th to be precise).

    Whilst Virgo and Libra cover September birthdays, the most common horoscope sign is actually Scorpio for those born between October 24th and November 23rd. But don't panic, maybe we can help with with our stunning range of Gothic Zodiac Birthday cards? 

    So why are there so many Birthdays at this time of year? Count back 9 months and clearly the Christmas spirit has a lot to answer for, think of the song - "baby, it's cold outside, maybe a half a drink more!" Not only do people have more time on their hands they are more likely to be feeling frisky over the holiday period. Plus, as the temperature drops the chances of women becoming pregnant increases. It may also be true that couples are planning to have their child at the start of the school year in order to give them more time at home before starting school and therefore the best possible chance to do well.

    There have been a couple of notable instances however, in 2015 and 2013, when summer births have risen, which means an increase in conception at Halloween - spooky!! 

  • Exploring Peterborough

    As the weather improves and we all begin to feel better and brighter with lockdown easing it's time to get out and about (safely) in the Peterborough area.

    We have a handy Peterborough Cycle Map showing the Green Wheel, and various walking booklets for those of you who prefer to roam on foot.

    Either way, heading off into the great outdoors is likely to lift your spirits as well as burning off a few calories!

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  • The Peterborough Gift Shop Launches 2020

    Welcome to the Peterborough Shop where you will find a range of affordable gifts, souvenirs, cards, art and crafts created for and by people who live or work in the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (United Kingdom).

    At the Peterborough Shop you will have the opportunity to buy a range of gifts, souvenirs and memorabilia from the comfort of your own home or workplace and posted to anywhere in the UK you wish to send it to.